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Yellow Electroluminescent Strip Light Kit

Electroluminescent Strip Light Kits

Electroluminescent Strip Lights are provided in a kit form, with a set length of electroluminescent lamp, invertor and transformer. Standard kits have a fixed length are designed not to be cut to length, whereas Custom Kits can be cut to length on site and re-sealed.

Our Electroluminescent Strip Lights are lightweight and provide an even spread of light along their entire length (upto 300ft in one piece). These strip light kits are available in a variety of useful lengths but as always, if you have a specific requirement please just give us a call.

Electroluminescent Strip Lights have very low power consumption, and do not burn out suddenly. EL Strip Lights continue to operate, even if punctured. They are approximately 0.020" thick.

Standard Light Kit sizes - fixed lamp sizes - (do not cut)
include lamp and inverter

1mtr 2mtr 3mtr 4mtr
white/aqua 8mm 57.57 68.25 78.90 89.58
R/G/O/Y/I/P 66.21 78.49 90.74 103.02

Custom Strip Light Kits - lamps (can be cut to length)
includes lamp and inverter

12mtrs 25mtrs 60mtrs
White/Aqua 6.24mm 133.05 221.54 411.81
Colours R/G/O/Y/B/P 6.24mm 159.69 277.04 545.01
6.5mtrs 13mtrs 30mtrs
White/Aqua 12.4mm 133.94 219.78 399.60
Colours R/G/O/Y/B/P 12.4mm 152.94 257.78 487.29
3mtrs 6.5mtrs 15mtrs
white/aqua 25.4mm 129.50 217.38 394.05
Colours R/G/O/Y/B/P 25.4mm 146.15 253.45 477.30

Bespoke sizes available all prices are plus VAT and carriage

Strip Light Demo Kits

Experience the worlds widest, thinnest, longest light bulb with this variety of sample kits.

We are happy to introduce our new 'demonstration kit' program which provides greater flexibility in configuring a package of lamp and a power supply that meet your needs. These strip light kits are ideal for understanding how the product works and to gain an estimate of the light output. The kits are battery powered and give the perfect portable system for test and R and D

Demo Kits

Small Economy (DMO-SM-EC). Non adjustable brightness.
Kit includes - aqua lamp 8mmx720mm and white lamp 8mmx720mm.
Invertor Range: ~ 9in2 / 60cm2 each.
Power: 9V Battery Powered Inverter (included).
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