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Kitchen Strip Lights For Under Cabinet Lighting

Our EL Kitchen strip light is designed as an alternative to existing LED Strip Lighting to eradicate 'hotspots'. The "Flatlite" kitchen strip light, made from high grade electrolumiscent(EL) material, provides a totally evenly lit light source that is easy to fit and offers a new contemporary feature to your kitchen design.

The kitchen strip light comes supplied with a double sided backing to enable adhesion for under cabinet lighting, between cabinet doors and under work surfaces. Simply fit to desired length and fold and hide unwanted length within the carcass, both transformer and DC invertor come with fixing lugs to allow for secure fitting within the framework.

The kit comes in 4 different lengths to suit your applications, up to 16 metres of lamp can be powered from one SLT-15watt transformer, as supplied. These kits are made to set lengths and cannot be cut, for bespoke length kits that can be cut to length - please see 'Light-Kits'

Kit Type Code Type Price (excluding VAT)

  • 1mtr 829.37.701 type 1 £56.05
  • 2mtr 829.37.702 type 2 £66.44
  • 3mtr 829.37.703 type 3 £76.82
  • 4mtr 829.37.704 type 4 £87.21

  • * kit includes lamp and invertor to be used with SLT-15 watt transformer.

    Described as "the world's longest, thinnest, energy saving lightbulb", FLATLITE® can be fitted where traditional light sources cannot, such as under tables, under cabinets, round columns, and used to light previously difficult areas to illuminate on exhibition stands or stage sets. The FLATLITE® material is simply pulled off a roll, cut to size and secured to whatever surface with adhesive. In addition, operating costs are a fraction of other light sources. It is approximately 6% of the cost of running a neon or florescent light; 12% the cost of fibreoptics; and 18% the cost of an LED light strip.

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