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Lite House Europe Ltd, 2 The Stone House, Kingston Bagpuize, Faringdon Road,
Oxfordshire, OX13 5AH, UK

  • Gallery Applications
  • Powder Coated Aluminium Lightboxes
  • Unique Dimming and control systems

Art Light Boxes

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Our art LED light boxes combine cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to produce an outstanding product to showcase fine art pieces and backlit photography.Custom built LED light boxes made and printed in house.

Our LED Light Boxes utilise ultra thin LED Light Panel technology to produce an entirely evenly illumination. The Patented Technology is teamed with rich and detailed prints to create flawless images, all encased within a premium slimline fine art frame.

LitePanel features:
  • Input voltage: 12vdc
  • Power consumption: 0.2watts /LED and 13.3 watts/mtr
  • Electrical Conne ction: wire size 22 AWG
  • 2.1mm barrel connector (polarity +centre)
  • Artlite has no minimum or maximum size