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FLATLITE® Electroluminescent Lamp

The world's widest, thinnest longest energy
saving lamp.

FLATLITE� is an electroluminescent (EL) lamp. It operates the same way as other EL technologies in that light is produced by exposing phosphor crystals to AC power. The particles are excited by the voltage and frequency and give off light.

FLATLITE� is unique among all electroluminescent lamp because it can be supplied in very long, thin strips or panels as wide as 76cm and many metres long. We consider it to be a raw material that can be fabricated for many applications in the signage, advertising, events and exhibits as well as decorative lighting markets. The key difference in FLATLITE� from other electroluminescent lamps that are manufactured by silk screen printing, is the solid aluminium foil sheet that serves as its main electrical carrier. This aluminium allows 8 square metres of material to be run from one power supply, custom sizes to be produced with standard cutting tools and the ability to connect the lamp with simple crimp connections.

This ability to be fabricated makes FLATLITE� different to traditional light bulbs, which normally have threads, prongs or other means of connection to a fixture meant to hold it. FLATLITE� actually becomes part of the fixture and needs to be designed and installed that way.

  • No UV emitted
  • Easy to cut and fit on-site
  • Disposal straight into landfill
  • Visible over extreme distances at night
  • Consistent light emitted over its length
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • DC/AC power supply

A new light source, which is flexible and thinner than a credit card, and which provides a truly novel opportunity to integrate light on nearly any surface, contour or object, is now available in the UK for the first time.

Described as "the world's widest, thinnest, longest lightbulb", FLATLITE� can be fitted where traditional light sources cannot, such as under tables, round columns, and used to light previously difficult areas to illuminate on exhibition stands or stage sets. The FLATLITE� material is simply pulled off a roll, cut to size and secured to whatever surface with adhesive or acrylic. It can also be used instead of florescent tubes to back-light graphics.